At The Home Exam our customers are our top priority.To keep our customers feeling special we:

 *Provide reliable service
 *Maintain a top level of objectivity
 *Continually update our knowledge
 *Are technically proficient
 *Treat you as we would expect to be treated
 *Provide an easy to read, on-site report
 *Make ourselves available after the inspection for questions or concerns
 *Promise you honesty and integrity
 *Answer our phones
 *Are available for evening and weekend appointments

Most importantly, we provide a:

Better Than Money Back Guarantee
100% Plus

If any *Major system fails due to a defect that was present and visible at the time of inspection and was overlooked by a The Home Exam inspector while performing an inspection as described in the American Society of Home Inspectors' Standards of Practice, a full refund of the inspection fee will be given for *qualified repair costs after a deductible of $495.00 is met by the home owner.

This guarantee is offered for a full 90 days after the date of inspection.
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