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If, within 7 days of your 'Home Exam', you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of our service or report, we will refund 100% of your inspection fee.  And, we will pay for another inspector (of your choice) to re-inspect the home*

*Not to exceed the fee charged for the original 'Home Exam'



Here are just a few benefits of being a customer of The Home Exam: 

  1. State of the Art Computerized Inspection Report with Color Photos - Printed On-site 
  2. Gain knowledge and valuable information concerning the many different systems of the home
  3. Gain Peace of Mind
    And Much more ...

    We educate our clients during the home inspection, so whether you are a buyer, seller, or a current homeowner you will receive an unbiased opinion regarding the condition of the property. Our inspectors have completed some of the industry’s most comprehensive training programs. In addition to our State License, we take pride in the fact that we have achieved the certification designations that set us apart from many of our competitors.  We'll provide you with information so you can have Peace of Mind.  Give us a call and experience the The Home Exam Difference ... Where the Inspection is Just the Beginning. 


The Home Exam will provide home buyers, sellers or homeowners with the professional home inspection you deserve. 

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